Comprehensive assembly and installation for all server cabinet

Our Data Cabinet Racks installers provide customers with comprehensive assembly and installation of server cabinets. Our enclosure  installers provide a customized installation based on the specific site conditions  and customer requirements.  Customers can be guaranteed proper assembly and installation based on the project design, ensuring that the product warranty will be honored.  The server cabinet  installation team will install the product in designated approved areas only. The area of installation will be kept as clean and clear as possible during installation. In most cases the use of power hand tools will be required. Every effort will be made to ensure proper handling of materials and tools in accordance with DCR policies. When possible the DCR installation team will use available space in hallways connected to the main room of activity for temporary staging of new product. The use of this space is required for staging and pre-assembly of some products to minimize the distractions within the main room during installation and to expedite the flow of product for assembly. Upon installation completion, the product is wiped clean and area is checked for cleanliness.

Installation Services

  • Demolition and disposal of old server cabinets
  • Anti-Tip anchoring
  • Seismic bracing
  • Product Moving and Reconfiguration
  • Aisle containment installation
  • Cool efficiency product installation