Data Cabinet Set Up and Installation

Data Cabling Cabinets offer great Networking solutions and can be installed Wall Mounted or Floor Standing in a central location to house a Patch Panel, Switching Gear, Routers and Audio Visual Hardware such as Audio Systems, Matrix and HD Distribution Systems. Data Cabinets are the ideal solution for multi Data and AV Cabling with components. Data Cabinets come in Various sizes from 10″ Mini Office Cabinets all the way up to 24U and Floor Standing Cabinets. Majority of our Installations are for Home or small Business.

Patch Panel Installation

A Patch Panel is a device and Panel unit featuring a number of jacks, usually of the same or similar type, for the use of connecting and routing circuits for monitoring, interconnecting, and testing circuits in a convenient, flexible manner. Patch panels are commonly used in computer networking, recording studios, radio and television and now more frequently they have become a necessity for Homes, Home Offices and smaller businesses as more dependant devices need to be connected to the same Network simultaneously.

Patch Panel CAT6 30 Way.Patch Panel CAT6 48 Way

Network Switches

A dedicated Network Switch can be an alternative to a Patch Panel in some applications. Network Switches can make routing easy and can provide many other benefits over Patch Panel, including routing Internet or Data to any number of destinations simultaneously. Network Switches also come in various sizes and formats 5 way, 8 way, 16 way, 24 way. 

16 Port Gigabit Switch8 Port Gigabit 4 POE8 Port Gigabit 8 Port POE

Firstly the Fast Switch with transfer speeds of10/100 which these days is hardly used. Secondly the Gigabit Switch with data transfer speeds same as the Fast Switch but also provides Gigabit speeds with each port auto sensing the correct speed to supply. Lastly the Gigabit POE (power over ethernet) like the Gigabit version but also outputs DC Power for powered devices. Like patch panels, Network Switches can be used for many types of distribution of signal including HDMI, TV, PHONE, CCTV & Security, and WiFi access points.