Data Cabinet 15U 600 * 600 Wall Mount

KSh21,000.00 Exc. VAT

Data Cabinet 15U 600 * 600 Wall Mount

The Data cabinet  (15U Data Cabinets Depth Rack-mount Server Cabinet – Black), is a wall or floor mounted server cabinet is designed for small/medium business, research, academic, and studio environments, where a dedicated server room is not practical and excessive noise is unacceptable.

A data cabinet that is 15U, 600mm x 600mm, and wall-mountable refers to a specific type of equipment designed to house and organize network and server components in a professional IT environment. Here’s a breakdown of what each term represents:

15U: The “U” stands for “rack unit,” which is a standard unit of measurement for the height of rack-mounted equipment. One U is equivalent to 1.75 inches (44.45mm). Therefore, a 15U cabinet is approximately 26.25 inches (666.75mm) in height (15 x 1.75).

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